They presented nine items in total.
The Gujarat poem on ‘Funfair’ highlighted the importance of playtime and outdoor activities to children. T
he poem ‘I am the Master of Myself’ encouraged children to develop self-esteem and learn to do some things for themselves.

In addition, they presented an eye-opener skit on Wisdom on Social media.
The skit emphasized on the dangers of sharing sensitive information and using the same password for many accounts on social media.

Their song, ‘I am Already enough’ by Fearless Soul, called upon the audience to believe in what they can achieve and avoid peer pressure.

Lastly, students presented a number of PowerPoint presentations on environmental conservation.
For instance, the Global Citizenship presentation on ‘Save our Children’ highlighted on the dangers of destroying natural resources today, In the talk, the Year 5k called upon everyone to save water, plant trees, use renewable sources of energy, have a proper disposal plan, and clean the environment.