On Saturday 12th November 2022, Year 10 students in the company of 3 teachers, set out to Tsavo West to explore and learn about rivers and hazardous environments, fragile lands especially the Savanna, how they develop, their value and how they are threatened. The students used both qualitative and quantitative methods to collect primary data. Direct observations, photographing, video recording, and questionnaires were used. The students visited the famous Mzima springs which is the primary source of Mombasa’s city water supply. They also were privileged to visit the Shetani Lava Flow site which is quite a special and spectacular geographical Phenomenon. They were blessed with the stunning scenery of the Chaimu hill and the five sister hills – a low ridge of black lava outcrop, long grass, scrubs, and identical conical hills.  At the Ngulia Lodge and sanctuary, they had an opportunity to watch the feeding of the resident leopard and Black Rhino.