Club Patron

  1. Mr.   Karume
  2. Mrs. Menon

Interact stands for International Action. Interact is a rotary-sponsored service club for young people age 14-18 or secondary school aged students. Every Interact club is sponsored by a rotary club. Interact benefits its young members, the sponsoring Rotary club and the community that the Interactors serve.


  • It enables young people develop initiative, leadership skills and lasting friendship.
  • It enables the members to reach out to the less fortunate in the society.
  • It enables the members to exercise voluntary service both at the school and the community level.

At SSA, Interact Club is inaugurated under the auspice of the Kilindini Rotary Club. The club is open to any member with a PASSION and DRIVE to help the needy.  Even members from other clubs are allowed to be ‘Friends of Interact’ if they share the same vision as we do!

Club members often come up with creative ideas to contribute money to enable us achieve our objectives. Some of the places we have recently visited include:

  • Cancer awareness month – October 2022

The interact club for the academic year 2022-2023 carried out an awareness creation project on breast cancer since the month is globally recognized as a breast cancer awareness month.

Ishni Halai, the chairperson of the interact club prepared the report below:

On the 12th of October 2022, the Interact club held an assembly with the presence of Dr. Reham, a clinical oncologist practicing at Coast General Hospital, Mombasa. 420 breast cancer awareness ribbons which were made by the interact club members were distributed among senior school students, junior and senior section teachers and support staff of the school. Dr. Reham then gave a presentation on the risks, prevention methods, cures and some statistics on breast cancer in Kenya and around the world.

  • Book donation

On the 22nd of March 2022, the Interact club of 2021-2022 started a book collection project that was aimed to help build a library for a government school.

A total of 1100 books were collected from the Junior and Senior classes. The 2021/2022 academic year’s club, headed by Hardik Paun, donated 450 books toMtopanga Secondary School on 20th April 2022.

The remaining books were donated to Magogoni Primary school by the 2022/2023 interact club members on 10th November 2022 and it was indeed a successful book donation drive.