School Trips

We believe in the power of experiential education, where hands-on experiences and real-world connections deepen understanding and ignite curiosity. Our school trips are carefully crafted to align with our curriculum, offering students the chance to apply their knowledge in a dynamic and immersive setting.




Kindergarten class trips

KG 1  The children visited the Mamba Village as they were learning about marine animals. They learnt about crocodiles, fishes, turtles and snakes. They also learnt about the poisonous and […]

School Trips

Year 5 – Kilimanjaro Biscuit Factory.

The year 5’s visited the Kilimanjaro Biscuits factory on Wednesday, 16th November 2022. Students were taken through the process of biscuit production, the uses of water in the factory, the […]

Senior School Trips

Year 10 Academic Trip to Tsavo West

On Saturday 12th November 2022, Year 10 students in the company of 3 teachers, set out to Tsavo West to explore and learn about rivers and hazardous environments, fragile lands […]



Senior School Trips

Year 9 – Kwetu Training Centre

YEAR 9 – KWETU TRAINING CENTRE This term, the class went on an educational trip to Kwetu Training Centre for Sustainable Development, in Mtwapa on Thursday 6th October 2022. Accompanied […]