Unit Coordinator

  1. Mr. Kennedy Mwita

Background Of The Programme At Shree Swaminarayan Academy

Inception : The President’s Award-Kenya programme was started in Shree Swaminarayan Academy on Wednesday 11 September, 2013.

Original membership

24 students (13 boys and11 girls) aged between 14 years and 19.

Pioneer officials

Arnold Kiarie (Chairman), Dharmesh Hirani (Secretary) and Maansi Simzia (Treasurer).

Current officials

Milan Bhudia (Chariman), Bindi Hirani (Secretary) and Ashwini Naran (Treasurer)

Meeting days

Every alternate Wednesday.

Training days

Every Thursday 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm

Training aims to equip the new and on-going members with the skills, attitudes and values necessary to launch themselves into the programme activities.


  1. First Aid Training

16 participants trained and successfully completed the St. John Ambulance Cadet First Aid course in January and February 2014. This took place at the school’s AV Room on an 8-hour programme that covered 4 Saturdays. 2 participants independently took a Basic First Aid course with the Red Cross.