The conference took place from Tuesday 1st  to Friday 4th  February 2022 and was conducted virtually from school. The delegates used the AV Room as their focal meeting place. Students from all over the world deliberated on Health, Technology, Human rights and Ecological issues that globally affect us.

The following countries were well represented by the students either as an ambassador or a delegate:


Ambassador- Savannah Abreu

Delegates: Bliss Tania, Vineet AnandKumar and Abdallah Khatib.

Democratic Republic of Congo:

Ambassador- Abhishek Thakkar

Delegates: Zahra Noorani, Dhronal Varia and Joy Wamae.


Ambassador- Hailey Cheche

Delegates: Ria Gohil, Barry Ogot and Nadine Mwanthi.

Antigua and Barbuda:   

Ambassador- Robert Ndzai

Delegates: Joan Gatakaa, Tara Mbebe and Isabella Awino.