The fun filled event took place on Saturday 24th , February 2024 at the Academy’s swimming pool.

It attracted young elite swimmers from 6 International schools;

We had 4 groups which were represented, 6/7 years’ girls and boys and 8/9 years’ girls and boys.

At 6/7 years’ girls we managed to get top two swimmers from our team which were; Mayra Karuga 1st position overall and Mairah Karimbaksh 2nd position overall.

In 6/7 years’ boys team we had Israel Otieno who emerged 3rd position overall.

In 8/9 years’ girls’ category, we had Eliana Pol emerging 2nd position overall and 8/9 years’ boys, Bevan Karuga came 1st position overall.

At group level, Shree academy boys and girls teams posted outstanding results managing to be the champions of the day at 1st position overall out of the 6 schools in attendance.

Congratulations to the team and the coaches!