Welcome to our academy’s website.

Shree Swaminarayan Academy is a great place to be!

Our curriculum and co-curricular programmes offer outstanding opportunities and create an environment where students from diverse backgrounds can have a disciplined, fulfilling school experience, appreciating the diversities in culture and learning from each other.

We consider it our responsibility and duty to instill in children the values to become genuine people. Our goal is to motivate and support all students academically and socially to ensure that they appreciate the importance of academic achievements, health and fitness, benevolence and giving to society.

Our academy’s ethos is conducive for a child to become a high achiever. Our unique blend of modernity and tradition creates a harmony which ensures that our students develop into well rounded confident individuals.

I feel privileged to be a part of such a remarkable school community. In my service as the Principal, I take much pride in the fact that our staff works with commitment to maintain high educational standards for every child.

Our students are motivated to explore their talents in various areas be it public speaking, drama, dance, athletics, games or swimming. We work collaboratively with our parents and count on their support as we continue our mission to provide a world class education to each child.

We encourage our students to appreciate aesthetic beauty and to be conservationists.
My advice to all our students is, “Academic achievements, effective communication skills and sound values are key pillars for becoming successful. Walk in the path of truth to never regret.”