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A Peep into the kg Assemblies. 
Rec R talked about special people in our lives i.e our parents, our teachers and our friends . How we love and respect them and are grateful for them to be part of us, as we celebrated Valentines day .
Rec S  and Rec T talked about Our country - Kenya . They mentioned many facts like Nairobi the capital city, the big 5, the  5 Presidents of Kenya and National holidays. They also sang a kiswahili patriotic song.




                                                        RECEPTION CLASS

The Reception class assembly this term was held on Tuesday the 1st November 2022 at the assembly hall.

The theme was healthy me.

Reception S spoke about good hygiene practices while Reception T enunciated about healthy activities and healthy language. 

Reception R on the other end picked up the topic at the corner of healthy eating and healthy minds. 

This was the first presentation attended by the whole Kindergarten since the Covid Pandemic hit us. The principal Mrs. Lazar, was present and the tender ones spoke and sang with confidence.