School Trips

Major School Trips 2022/2023 Academic Year.


After the strenious yet necessary and fruitful preparations for their IPrimary Edexcel exams, the Junior School candidate class of 20223/2023 academic year, finaly finished their exams and needed a breather. Packing their bags together with their teachers, they headed out to enjoy the fresh air and explore the beauty of the Kenyan wildlife. The trip was filled with fun yet eye opening activities for the students. 

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-The candidate class with their teachers; Mr. Rama - Far left,                - Some students with Mrs. Meeta - Third left.

Ms. Bhavna - second left and Mr. Mumo - center back



The participants of the President’s Award –Kenya went for an expedition at Wundanyi and Mghange areas in Taita Taveta County.

Accompanied by their teachers and alongside 4 trainers the team took off with the following objectives in mind.

1. To climb and reach the peak of the 3 major Taita Hills: Vuria, Wesu and Kinangungu.

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       Kiangungu Hill peak                                                                                                      Vuria Hill Peak


2. To hike in the Wundanyi, Mghange and their environs for at least 48 km.

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Take off from St James Primary School Campsite                                     

3. To investigate the Taita people's culture, language, socio-economic activities and infrastructure, physical features and land use.

The itinerary, which covered  a total of 72 kilometres hike included:

Day 1:  Debwa junction, Murray Girls High School, Kungu Primary School.

Day 2: Kungu Primary School, Mughange town, Mwanda Primary School, Vurya Hill. St James Primary School.

Day 3: St James Primary School, Mughange town, Kiangungu Hill, Wesu Hospital.

KG Trips

The KG 1’s and Playgroup children visited a beach cottage in Nyali. The enjoyed the sea side and the activities done at the sea side. The children had a great time playing with sand and building castles.


The young ones have been having lots of fun this term as they visited different areas of our beautiful city. 

The KG2s' toured the Naivas Nyali mall where they had a chance to see different sections of the huge supermarket.

They then enjoyed the cool breeze of the ocean at the newly opened Mama Ngina Waterfront. The open spaces and fresh air did them alot of good as they learned more about the city of Mombasa. 

Junior School Trips

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The students’ trip to Mamba Village had the following objectives;

  • Studying the different types of animals.
  • Animal habitats.
  • How different animal’s feed.

Students enjoyed observing different animals such as crocodiles, fish, snakes and horses. Students learned that crocodiles and fish live in water while snakes live in a wide variety of habitats including forests, swamps, grasslands and in both fresh and salt water. Students also learned that crocodiles feed on flesh only while snakes diet depends on their species. Some feed on insects, amphibians and reptiles.

Students enjoyed funfair games like bumping cars, swing boat ride, Ferris wheel and many more. The trip was successful because all students learned the required information to write academic papers and support them with dependable facts.

The Year 1 students visited Quick Mart Bandari which is a supermarket at the central business centre. Our learners enjoyed learning about money and shopping. They bought some snacks from the supermarket, where they learnt about getting change and receiving  receipts. They got to learn about pricing of some commodities by checking the price tags on the shelves.
The learners visited the Mama Ngina Drive Waterfront where they enjoyed having their picnic and horse rides too.




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YEAR ONE TRIP - Bomblulu Workshop and Cultural Centre.

Our  pupils enjoyed learning about different tribes and cultures in Kenya. It was a wonderful experience for all to learn different types of jobs too, especially the tailoring, jewelry making, wood carving and mobility aid workshop. They got to see different traditional houses built for different tribes. Pupils got to see and learn "Disability is not Inability." The 'abled differently workers at the workshops showed great determination while doing their jobs. Later, the pupils were entertained by cultural dancers. The hosts invited our pupils and the teachers to dance along. Everyone was so energetic and had so much fun. 


YEAR TWO TRIP - Kenyatta public beach (pirates beach).

Our year two class visited the beach with and aim of observing:-
i. The behavior of seawater (Low and high tides)
ii. Activities taking place at the seaside
iii. The causes of pollution at the seaside.
Students enjoyed observing different activities such as surfing, riding a jet ski, trading, swimming and boat riding.

Moreover, learners engaged themselves in various activities too.
They collected coral reefs, sea shells, shingles and also built sand castles.
Students learned the required information to write academic papers and support them with dependable
facts. Furthermore, the trip taught them to value marine life.


 YEAR THREE TRIP - Haller Park.

The main purpose of the trip was the learners to learn about different habitats.
The learners had a great time during the visit and among the activities undertaken were seeing the crocodiles, feeding the giraffe and a nature walk.
To sum it all, their visit to Haller Park was not only educative but also very enjoyable. 




On 21st September 2022, year 2 pupils with their teachers; went for a trip around Mombasa Island
with the aim of letting the pupils learn the difference between Island and mainland,
the landmarks that connect Island and mainland in Mombasa. Also to let them know the economic
activities taking place in the Island, means of transport used in the island and areas around the Island.

They slowed down at the Nyali bridge and were taught in detail about the bridge.
They were excited and asked many questions.

The next stop was at Shimanzi bridge, they realized that areas past Shimanzi bridge are in the mainland.
They also visited the Ferry and saw different activities taking place in the Island and means of transport used in the Island

From there they went through Mama Ngina Waterfront Park and the learners spotted two fish ponds. They enjoyed discovering some activities in the Island that they had never known.




The year 5’s visited the Kilimanjaro Biscuits factory on Wednesday, 16th November 2022.

Students were taken through the process of biscuit production, the uses of water in the factory, the type of environmental friendly fuels used in the factory, the purification and reuse of the waste (sewage) water and the benefits of the factory to the community. 

Later, they went round the factory to see all the stages of production. This was the most thrilling part of the trip! They tasted hot biscuits that were picked directly from the conveyor belt. 

Finally, students were served with samples of biscuits. They then purchased own boxes as presents to their families.


Senior School Trips

TERM 3 2022 / 2023




TERM 2 2022 / 2023


On the way students had an opportunity to see and travel through the newly built Makupa Causeway
and the Mombasa-Nairobi National Highway; part of the multibillion infrastructural development in the
industrial sector outside the Island.
After a warm reception by the company staff, an in depth talk was given to the students about the
operations of the unit and thereafter the students were divided into three groups under the care of one
class teacher and were then taken around the company.
Students learnt in detail all areas of operations, starting with Procurement, Mercantile,
Stores, documentation, CAD, automation through mechanisation, divisions of labour, leading to
production of Apparels such as formal trousers, Jeans, half trousers, Shirts, Jackets, coats, blazers,
School uniforms etc. mostly for markets in U S A. Students had a good walk through the various
production processes from cutting the fabric to final stitching including buttoning, various washing
processes, quality controls, labelling, branding, auditing that includes on-line and end-line checking. All
levels of production of apparel undergo strict inspection in lots until it is produced, labelled and
branded. Some of the famous brands produced are Savane, Carpenter and Denim brand Jeans, Dennis
brands of school uniforms mainly for U S markets.
The trip helped our students to have an in-depth feel and actualisation of their theoretical
knowledge from the classrooms.



 TERM ONE 2022/2023


This term, the class went on an educational trip to Kwetu Training Centre for Sustainable Development, in
Mtwapa on Thursday 6th October 2022. Accompanied by their teachers Mr. Andavuki, Mr. Obino and Mrs. Menon,
they were given an in-depth talk on what happens at the institution thereafter taken around the institution.

Areas of interested shown included; solar dryer, bee keeping department including honey lab, apiary site, fish ponds (where they practically did fishing, catching several fish)and mangrove farming. They also
went to the mtwapa creek. Among things made and sold at the institution included honey, candle, oil and soap.

They are made from extracts from honey, wax, Neem and Moringa leaves.