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Clubs and Movements


Cookery Club


  1. Ms. Muzna
  2. Ms. Ruqaiya

Every week they make delicious foods like; Fruit salad, Popcorn, Pizza, Pasta etc.


Art & Craft Club


  1. Ms. Tamiza
  2. Ms. Caroline

The children learn how to be creative and imaginative in drawing and artwork.

Drama/Poetry/Singing Club


  1. Ms. Agnes
  2. Ms. Eunice

The children learn new songs, how to enact and recite poems.

Dancing Club


  1. Ms. Anisa
  2. Ms. Fiona

The children in this club are taught different dance steps and movements which are choreographed into a dance.

Swimming Club


  1. Mr. Yasser  (swimming coach)
  2. Ms. Benta

The children learn basic/different swimming skills.


Lamda Club


  1. Ms. De'slivia  

The children learn how to be confident speakers.



Venue: Class 6K

Board games club is run on every Wednesday from 2.00 to 3.00 PM in class 6K. Many students enjoy this
club as it offers some interesting board games like:
 Scrabble
 Chess
 Checker
 Monopoly
 Pictionary
 Brain wave
 Guess who, etc.
These games enhance pupils thinking skills, spellings, guessing, using right tricks at right time
and taking quick decisions; it also teaches them to work in a group and team. The club has 20 students.
This term, many students are involved in other sports training. As a result, few members are
attending the club.




1. Ms. Florence

2. Mr. Anthony

Young farmers' club is on and active and aims to;

  • Stimulate and develop a positive attitude of students of Shree Swaminarayan Academy towards agriculture.
  • Stimulate the interest of teachers and students in the school in agricultural activities.
  • Encourage practical work among students to ease their performance in the examinations.
  • Encourage students to take up careers in the Agricultural discipline.
  • Encourage the celebration of Agricultural Science day in Shree Swaminarayan Academy as a means of creating awareness in food production.
  • Encourage agricultural research among students in the school.

The club includes year 3, 4, 5 and 6 students who actively take different roles in land preparation, planting through harvesting period.

The four classes are merged together for a common project.

Years 3's & 4's take care of the Agriculture project every Monday while year 5's and 6's every Wednesday as their club days respectively.

This term, we have ventured into vegetable growing, namely: spinach, sukuma wiki, carrots and amaranthas (mchicha)


The Art club in the junior school comprises of about 40 members. These are boys and girls recruited into the club from year 1 -3.

The main objectives of the club are:

  1. To help children enjoy artwork which includes drawing and colouring.
  2. To assist children to develop the basic skills in drawing and colouring.

Based on the broad objectives above, termly topics are developed to enable the members of the club and the patrons to achieve the objectives.

Members of this club have on different occasions been able to represent the academy at various art competitions where they have won different prizes in their age group category.



  • Mr. Mumo
  • Ms. Rose Eskuri
  • Ms. Trupti

The Junior school Wildlife Club works under the umbrella body of the Wildlife clubs of Kenya. 

Currently the club has 40 members.

This term the club has started a Cambodian Beng tree seedling nusery  with an aim of making an impact to the enviroment during this harsh Global Warming times. 


  • To spread interest and knowledge about wildlife and the environment among the students.
  • To make them aware of the great economic, cultural and aesthetic value of natural resources.
  • Develop a better understanding of the need to conserve resources for the benefit of humanity.

Core Values

  • Teamwork
  • Responsiveness & kindness to the environment
  • Respect


The club had a beach clean up activity on 24th November 2022 at Mombasa Beach. Accompanied by the candidate class of year 6, the club patrons, Assistant Dean and other teachers, the club managed to collect 197 kgs of waste along the beachline


The following are the teachers in charge of Board Games Club:

  1. Mr. Gitonga
  2. Mr. Marko

Shree Swaminarayan has a very popular Board Games Club.

The games played are:

  • Chess
  • Scrabble
  • Monopoly.

The students meet every Wednesday and enjoy playing the games in a very relaxed atmosphere.

The objectives of the club are;
1. Promote healthy brain functioning

2. Stimulates brain development in the youth.

3. Unlocking and developing students cognitive skills.

4. Helps students in cultivating an organized, systematic and critical thinking.

The Board Games Club has helped the students to perform well in subjects which require a lot of organization and critical analysis.

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The following are the teachers in charge of the Science Club:

Patron       : Mr. kalama

To develop a scientific attitude and develop genuine interest in science subjects.

To accomplish and produce science students with incisive minds for now and the future science world.

Core Activities

•  Encourage students’ independent research not restricted to the school curriculum - Students research on given topics and present them during club meetings.
•  Peer teaching – students are given various topics which they research upon and teach their peers during clubs activity hour.
•  Presenting science projects developed over a given period of time.

 ********            ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********


PATRON           :   MR. MABELE 


It aims to support and teach students farming techniques. It teaches students how to handle and use farm implements. They also learn how to plant and manage small gardens. Some of the crops they have planted within the school garden include: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Brinjals, Maize, Radish, Kales, Corianders , and Spinach.
Recent Activities:

The club recently visited Kalu works Limited Farm in Mariakani to learn more about Green House Farming.

 ********            ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********

Patron       : Ms. Fridah


Model United Nations (also Model UN or MUN) is a conference similar to the United Nations in which students participate as delegates to various UN Committees. Participants research and formulate political positions based on the actual countries.

The committees are usually of the six committees of the General Assembly. The participants range from middle school students to upper senior school students. Model United Nations involves researching, public speaking, debating, and writing, often along with critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership skills. As of 2012, there are about 400 MUN conferences worldwide.


The club intends to model international quality, well versed, and confident students who can debate topical international issues in any forum that is the reason why the club intends to continue participating in local and regional conferences while at the same time exploring possibilities of sending delegates to international conferences.



The Middle School Model United Nations
This was held from 31st October to 2nd November,2022. The school was represented by the following delegates; Soraya, Hibbah, Joyce,Zahra,Yashvi,Kaushally,Vineet,Ria,Abdallah,Barry,Isham and Bliss while the Ambassadors were Zahra, Vineet, and Isham.
The conference deliberations covered global emerging issues ranging from Human Rights, Ecology, Science and Technology, and Health related issues. Delegates exhibited high levels of intellectual consciousness concerning world issues and challenges facing the current generation. Resolutions were amicably arrived at through rigorous debates.

In the special summit, we had Deviran and Mohamed Haji represent the school. The talented speakers were named among the best speakers at the summit.

East Africa Model United Nations conference
This was held from 3rd to 5th November, 2022, at Oshwal Academy.
The delegates who represented the school were; Rahi, Sanskriti, Devirani, Shaun, Mohamed Haji, Lakhsimran, Sahil,Abdurrahim,Manal,Zaiba,Ryan,Nigel,Mohamedali,Suhayl,Amaan,Joy,Joan,Bipisha, Sara, Tara, Anood, and Isabella.

Sanskkriti Panchal was one of the chairs at the conference.

The School Advisors in attendance were Ms. Fridah, Mr. Sophus, Mr. Henry, and Ms. Charlene.
The icing on the cake was a party for the delegates on Saturday evening organized by the host, Oshwal Academy.

 ********            ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********


Club Patron         :    Mr.   Karume

Co-Patron             :    Mrs. Menon


Interact stands for International Action. Interact is a rotary-sponsored service club for young people age 14-18 or secondary school aged students. Every Interact club is sponsored by a rotary club. Interact benefits its young members, the sponsoring Rotary club and the community that the Interactors serve.


  • It enables young people develop initiative, leadership skills and lasting friendship.
  • It enables the members to reach out to the less fortunate in the society.
  • It enables the members to exercise voluntary service both at the school and the community level.

At SSA, Interact Club is inaugurated under the auspice of the Kilindini Rotary Club.
The club is open to any member with a PASSION and DRIVE to help the needy. 
Even members from other clubs are allowed to be ‘Friends of Interact’ if they share the same vision as we do!

Club members often come up with creative ideas to contribute money to enable us achieve our objectives. Some of the places we have recently visited include:

Cancer awareness month - October 2022   cancer.jpg

The interact club for the academic year 2022-2023 carried out an awareness creation project on breast cancer since the month is globally recognized as a breast cancer awareness month.

Ishni Halai, the chairperson of the interact club prepared the report below.

On the 12th of October 2022, the Interact club held an assembly with the presence of Dr. Reham, a
clinical oncologist practicing at Coast General Hospital, Mombasa. 420 breast cancer awareness
ribbons which were made by the interact club members were distributed among senior school
students, junior and senior section teachers and support staff of the school. Dr. Reham then
gave a presentation on the risks, prevention methods, cures and some statistics on breast
cancer in Kenya and around the world.

Other activities

Book donation

On the 22nd of March 2022, the Interact club of 2021-2022 started a book collection project that was aimed to help build a library for a government school.

A total of 1100 books were collected from the Junior and Senior classes. The 2021/2022 academic year’s club, headed by Hardik Paun, donated 450 books toMtopanga Secondary School on 20th April 2022.

The remaining books were donated to Magogoni Primary school by the 2022/2023 interact club members on 10th November 2022 and it was indeed a successful book donation drive.       


Welcome All……Service For The Needy!!

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President's Awards Club


Background Of The Programme At Shree Swaminarayan Academy
  Inception : The President’s Award-Kenya programme was started in Shree Swaminarayan Academy on Wednesday 11 September, 2013. 
  Original membership: 24 students (13 boys and11 girls) aged between 14 years and 19.
  Pioneer officials: Arnold Kiarie (Chairman), Dharmesh Hirani (Secretary) and Maansi Simzia (Treasurer). 
  Current officials:Milan Bhudia (Chariman), Bindi Hirani (Secretary) and Ashwini Naran (Treasurer)


Unit Coordinator: Mr. Kennedy Mwita     

Meeting days: Every alternate Wednesday.
Training days: Every Thursday 2.30 pm – 3.30 pm
Training aims to equip the new and on-going members with the skills, attitudes and values necessary to launch themselves into the programme activities.


1 First Aid Training 
16 participants trained and successfully completed the St. John Ambulance Cadet First Aid course in January and February 2014. This took place at the school’s AV Room on an 8-hour programme that covered 4 Saturdays.

2 participants independently took a Basic First Aid course with the Red Cross.

 ********            ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********


Club Patron  - Mr. Thuo

 The objective of the club includes making its members appreciate technology and its hardware components and know the latest news in the industry.

The activities include; Interactive educational computer games/quiz, research and practical skills in various computer packages.

 ********            ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********


Patron - Mr. Andavuki

The Team

The club has twenty members, captained by Jayant Ravji Varsani and deputized by Jay Dinesh Hirani who also acts as the club’s secretary.
It has several players playing for the school teams under 13 and 16.


The objective of the club is to, identify, develop, build confidence to the young talents and enrich team members with cricket skills. 
This should lead in them performing at their best and getting maximum enjoyment out of the game. 


The training sessions include:

- Warm up games (stretches, touch and run)

- Overarm Bowing

- Overarm Throw

- Batting (horizontal striking)

- Catching (caterpillar, air balls, etc.)

- Fielding

- A match
 ********            ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********        ********

Club Patron  - Ms. Penina

The Peer Counseling program consists of a group of students trained in intercommunication skills, providing free, one-on-one, confidential, peer support to students. As peer counselors, we provide a supportive environment where students can openly talk about their feelings, thoughts, and concerns, and in turn, be provided with the tools needed to make solution-oriented decisions.

To be the heartbeat of student wellness

To provide a comprehensive psychological, social and educational service to ensure the holistic well-being, development and success of our student community.

We strive to create a caring and nurturing environment in which our valued group are treated with respect and positive regard. We value open communication and honesty with and commitment. We embrace diversity and the uniqueness of individuals.